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TITAN Eco Temporary Fencing

TITAN Eco temporary fencing

AS 4687 Engineer Certified and patented Temporary TITAN Eco temporary fencing.

TITAN has taken a 25 year old fencing system, removed the heavy and clunky trip hazard feet that fail the repetitious lifting requirements and replaced them with the patented TITAN 70mm high 13kg counterweights and Engineer designed base; the revised design achieves the very first ZERO TRIP HAZARD temporary fence.

With 3 counter weights TITAN has been Engineer certified without bracing to a wind speed of 15m/s, to achieve a higher wind rating is easy just add additional counterweights.

Now all Pedestrians pathways, General work zones and Events can be securely fenced without fear of creating a trip hazard as so commonly seen.

TITAN Eco is the only temporary fencing system on the Australian market the can absolutely lay claim to ZERO TRIP HAZARDS.

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